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Anders Eliasson  
  Symphony 4
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Anders Eliasson

Anders Eliasson

Anders Eliasson was born in 1947 in the province of Dalecarlia in Sweden.
From 1966 – 1972 he  studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with among others Ingvar Lidholm (composition) and Valdemar Söderholm (harmony and counterpoint).

As far back as the 70s Eliasson was recognized as one of the most interesting Swedish composers. His orchestral works Canto in Lontanza (1977), Turnings (1978) and Canto del vagabondo (1979) were particularly acclaimed, as well as the wind quintet La fièvre (1978) and the whole series of shorter instrumental solo pieces called Disegno.


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Desert Point (1981)

for string orchestra
Fp: 13 February 1982, Växjö
Musica Vitae/Cond: Gunnar Juhlin
CD: Caprice CAP 21422

Ein Schneller Blick…ein kurzes Aufscheinen (2003)

for string orchestra
Fp: 15 November 2003, Ronneby
Camerata Roman/cond: Levon Chilingirian
Score: 10452
CD: Caprice CAP 21731

Impronta (1978)

2222/4220/hp/str (
Fp: 22 September 1979, Norrköping
Norrköping S.O./Cond: Jorma Panula

Intermezzi (1988)

Fp: 14 February 1989, Malmö
KammarensembleN/Cond: Ansgar Krook
CD: Phono Suecia PSCD 57

Ostacoli  (1987)

for string orchestra
Fp: 31 January 1988, Kaustinen
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orch./
cond: Juha Kangas
Score: NMS 1600163
CD: Caprice CAP 21381

Sinfonia per archi (2001)

for string orchestra
Fp: 8 February 2002, Kokkola
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/
cond. Juha Kangas
Score: GE 10373

Symphony No. 1 (1986)

Fp: 6 February 1987, Stockholm
Swedish Radio SO/cond. Leif Segerstam

Symphony No. 4 (2005)

Fp: 2007, München, Symphonieorchester des Bayerischer Rundfunks

Turnings (1978)

Fp: 13 June 1979, Swedish Television
Orch: Swedish Radio S O / Cond: Göran Rydberg


Concerto for Alto-Saxohone and string orchestra (2002)

strings/sol. alto-saxophone
Fp: 30 June 2003, Vaasa, Finland
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orch./
Cond: Juha Kangas/ Sol: John-Edward Kelly

Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (1997)

Fp: 5 february 2004, Malmö
Malmö S.O./ Cond: Markus Lehtinen/
Sol: Bo Pettersson

Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra : Sette Passaggi (1992)

2222//3220/str/sol: clarinet
Fp: 11 February 1993, Helsingborg
Orch: Helsingborg S O/Cond: Kazufumi Yamashita/ Sol: Håkan Rosengren


Concerto for Horn and Strings

Farfalle e ferro (1992)

strings / sol: horn
Fp:  3 June 1992, Gothenburg
Orch: Gothenburg S O / Cond: Neeme Järvi
Sol: Sören Hermansson
CD: Caprice CAP 21422

Concerto for Violin and Strings (1992)

strings / sol: violin
Fp: 26 March 1994, Kokkola, Finland
Orch: The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orch, cond. Juha Kangas, Sol: Jari Valo
CD: Caprice CAP 21422

Concerto for Violin, Piano and Orchestra (2005)

2+picc.2.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4000/perc/sol: violin and piano
Fp: 19 April 2006, Helsinki, Finland
Orch: Finnish Radio S.O. , cond. Pietari Inkinen, Sol: Ulf Wallin and Roland Pöntinen
Score: GE 10713

Concerto per Trombone (2000)

Fp: 14 September 2000, Malmö
Orch: Malmö S O, cond: Stefan Solyom
Sol: Christian Lindberg
Score: WC 2964

Symphony No. 3 (1989)

“Sinfonia Concertante”
3333/4230/perc/hp/str with alto saxophone obligato
Fp: 16 November 1989, Trondheim
Orch: Trondheim S O / Cond: Ronald Zollman/
Sol: John-Edward Kelly


Dante Anarca (1998)

mixed choir/sol: soprano, contra alto, tenor, baritone
Fp:  18 December 1998, the Berwald Hall, Stockholm
Orch: Swedish Radio S O/Cond: Manfred Honeck/Choir: Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir/Sol: Lena Hoel (sopr), Anna Larsson (contra alto), Johan Edholm (baritone), Göran Eliasson (tenor)


Disegno della pioggia (1974)

Pf(4h), vlc, xyl.
Fp: 10 October 1974, Helsinki
Harpans Kraft

Fogliame (1990)

piano & string trio
Fp: June 1991, Lapland Festival, Arjeplog
Britten Quartet
CD: CAP 21450

Kimmo (1996)

trumpet and percussion ensemble
Fp: 27 November 1996, Hudiksvall
ens: Kroumata / sol: Håkan Hardenberger
Score: WC 1417 /Parts: WC 2361

La fièvre (1978)

wind quintet
Fp: 1 August 1979, Bäckedals Folkhögskola
Mads Johansen, Karsten Rose, Finn Jacobsen, Peter Hougaard, Peter Andersen
Edition no: 1601244
CD: CAP 21402

Malaria (1978)

clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, bass
Fp: 7 December 1978, Stockholm Royal College of Music, Cond: Kjell-Inge Stevensson

Pentagramm (2003)

for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano
Fp: 29 June 2003, Rottweil, Klassikfestival Sommersprossen
Ingo Goritzki(ob), Ulf Rodenhäuser(cl), Knut Sönstevold(bassoon), Dariusz Mikulski(cor), Chia Chou(pf)
Edition no: 10467 (score) 10468 (parts)

Serenad (i gömstället) (1980)

(text: Lars Norén/Swedish)
Fp: 21 March 1982
Ulf Bergström, Kjell-Inge Stevensson, Ivar Olsen, Anna Stångberg, Per Sandklef, Björn Sjögren, Jan Neander / Narrator: Per Myrberg /
Cond: Per Lyng

String Quartet (1991)

Fp:  3 July 1991, Lapland Festival, Arjeplog
Tale Quartet
CD: BIS CD 603

Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano (1996)

Fp: 15 November 1996, the Composer Festival at the Stockholm Concert Hall
Horn: Sören Hermansson, Violin: Nils-Erik Sparf,  Piano: Arne Torger
CD: Phono Suecia PSCD 113

Venti Anni Avanti (1998)

piano and percussion trio
Fp:  13 February 1998, Stockholm Concert Hall
Kroumata / sol: Roland Pöntinen


Abendlicht (2002)

for oboe and piano
Fp: 29 June 2002, Båstad Chamber Music Festival
Helen Jahren, Mats Widlund
Edition no: 10381

Disegno per violoncello (1977)

Fp: 8 June 1978, Swedish Radio
Peter Schuback

Disegno 2 (1987)

for piano solo
Fp: 24 August 1988, Stockholm
Helge Antoni
Edition No. GE 10858

Disegno 3 (Carosello) (2005)

for piano solo
Fp: 4 October 2005, Malmö
Hans Pålsson
Edition No. 10859

In medias (1970/92)

for violin solo
Fp: (1992 version) 26, April 1992, Kokkola
Violin: Jari Valo
Edition no: WC 0458

Poem (1986/88)

for alto-saxophone and piano
Fp: 10 December 1988, São Paolo, Brazil
Alto-saxophone: John-Edward Kelly
Edition no: WC 2071
CD: col legno AU 31817 (1993)
Phono Suecia PSCD 81 (1995)

Suolo (1983)

for piano solo
Edition no: WC 3657

Wellen (2002)

for bassoon and piano
Fp:  27 June 2003,  Rottweil, Klassikfestival Sommersprossen
Knut Sönstevold(bassoon), Chia Chou(piano)
Edition no: GE 10454
CD: Phono Suecia PSCD 164 (2006)


Då sade man…och nu (1972)

(text: Japanese poems/Swedish transl:
P E Wahlund)

Den gröna rosen (1976)

(text: Tadeusz Rózewicz)
Cantata for soprano, saxophone quartet and percussion
Fp: 7 March 1978, Stockholm, Seglora Church
Stockholm Wind Chamber Orchestra, sol: Ilona Maros
CD:  Caprice CAP 21399

Längs radien (1986)

(text: Tomas Tarnströmer/Swedish)
voice and piano
CD: Phono Suecia PSCD 37

Soliloquy of the Solipsist (1995)

(text: Sylvia Plath/English)
voice and piano
Fp: 17 October 1995, Stockholm, Swedish Radio
Lena Hoel, Bengt-Åke Lundin

Vier Lieder  (1993)

(text: J W Goethe)
mezzo soprano and piano
Fp: 11 June 1993, Håkonshallen, Bergen
Mz sopr: Ragnhild Heiland Sörensen / piano: Christian Eggen
Edition no: WC 3213
CD:  GJCD 04 (1994)
Phono Suecia PSCD 133 (2003)

Fp = First performance

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